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Notable UPCAT Passers in the Philippines

Upon graduating high school, one of my dreams before was to be an alumnus of the University of the Philippines. It is because at that time, I believed that if I became a UP grad I will land a high paying job and can become a notable person for certain industry that can help our country. Yes, that was my dream, to become successful financially or even just to be known for something worth it. This can be good deeds that can help the Filipino people. But before anything else, How did I come up with this idea? This idea came from UP grads that I look up to when I was still young and, here they are.

Notable Filipinos that I look up to:

  1. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr.

Ninoy Aquino is the late father of the incumbent Philippine President Noynoy Aquino III. He is a former Governor of Tarlac who became the youngest Senator at the age of 34 who led the opposition against the Dictatorship of the Marcos Regime. Because of his drastic actions against Marcos, upon the declaration of martial law, he was detained for 7 years. In 1980, he had an heart attack and was given permission to seek medical attention in the US together with his family. Upon returning from the US to the Philippines in 1983, he was shot dead in the Manila International Airport. His death fuelled Edsa People Power 1 which ousted president Ferdinand Marcos from presidency.

  1. Miriam Defensor Santiago

Known as the “Iron Lady of Asia”, Miriam Defensor Santiago's performance in academics was unbelievable. She was a prodigy in school showing academic excellence being a valedictorian in gradeschool, high school and law school. A Magna Cumlaude in college and was the first female editor in chief of the most famous college newspaper in the country “Kule”. Today, her accomplishments are incredible after being included in the 100 most influential women in the world on 1997 and was hailed as the first Filipina and Asian from a developing country in an International Court.

  1. Lino Brocka

The most prominent film maker of all time in the History of the Philippine cinema. He is popular because of his brilliantly made movies like Tinimbang ka Ngunit Kulang, Orapronobis and Maynila sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag which was regarded as the greatest Philippine film of all time by film enthusiasts.

So, these are the three most influential UP graduates that I looked up to when I was young. Thanks for following my blog! Till next time! 

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

There is Life after UPCAT


UPCAT is probably the most sought after and  the most challenging college entrance exams in the Philippines. Last UPCAT 2012, approximately 75,000 high school students took the UPCAT but only 11,000 students passed the exam which accounts only 14 percent of the total examinees. It is a dream for many but unfortunately few are eligible to study in UP because in UPCAT it is not enough that you are smart but you should be the smartest of them all. But what my title suggest, UPCAT is not everything, there is more things that you can do in your life than passing it.

Jica Lapena is a Magna Cum laude in UP Diliman who graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts. It is a 4 year certificate course in UP that can be turned into a Bachelor of Arts course if you will be passing their requirements. Like many of us, she dreamed to be in UP but failed the UPCAT. Though she’s not that good in math, she expected to pass the exam because her high grades in High School and the steps she needs to follow knowing her parents and siblings graduated from UP.  “Masakit ang pakiramdam ko nung hindi ko nakita ang pangalan ko sa online list of passers but it does not mean that you are not smart.” she said. Luckily, she found a way to enter UP. She took the talent determination test and passed it. You can follow the rest of her story below. (This article was brought to you by: